A good mix of everything

May 02, 2022 | 10:28 PM IST

A good mix of everything

Arman Bankley talks about his company, Armines Industries and its various verticals

Team Herald

PANJIM: Arman Bankley’s business, the Ar Mines group of companies, has been around for two and a half decades. It is a circular economy manufacturing company, with 6 factories in Goa and one in Belgaum, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri.

The group has a diversified portfolio of mineral and alloy processing, cement products, fire prevention and biofuels.

On the market after the economy unlocked, Bankley says, “Now most industries have started operating and are back to normal, workers have returned, the construction industry is recovering and stabilizing; thus, demand for all our cement products has restarted at full capacity.

“We have been lucky with the pandemic as our exports to Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam and Nepal have increased as many of our customers who depended on Chinese products for minerals and chemicals, have now started to explore and focus on buying all their items from India. Our company, being an established and reliable source, received a good number of orders and we were able to increase our exports by 10-35%. Looking at the trend and the foundation laid by the success of Vibrant Goa, we expect to do well even in these tough economic times,” Bankley added.

Bankley further states that his company is fortunate to have been able to retain all of its 102+ employee families and did not lay off anyone, which was their primary target during the pandemic.

Many companies in the Middle East and Africa have tested our products and found that we are better in terms of the quality and services we offer, which opens up a host of opportunities, especially in the field of chemicals and minerals. In fact, we were able to capitalize on good opportunities through Dr. Jagat Shah’s export and networking webinars – Global Network and Vibrant Goa connects and added many new product export orders to Africa and the Middle -East. We were able to add six new products to our portfolio during these difficult times, which really gave us more time to explore these new avenues.

He then explains the benefit of BNI for his business. “Being a BNI member for the past 8 years as a member has helped me tremendously and through connections through networking, we now make over 30% of our sales through BNI referrals.”

Bankley’s company has been associated with many prestigious landmark projects in Goa such as Dabolim and Mopa Airport, Dr Shyama Prasad Stadium, Goa Mall to name a few.

BNI also helped to collaborate and upgrade and Bankley got a chance to join forces with competitors and conquer the construction market in Goa; thus putting it in touch with ethical partners as resellers in all the important cities of Goa.

He further adds, “I personally believe that network equals net worth and with BNI’s 600+ referral partners, it has always been a positive association not just for sales and marketing connects for our products. , but also by obtaining ethical suppliers for my business, which fulfills our needs at lower prices with better quality and better service.

Regarding his future plans, Bankley says, “Currently we are doing well with our eight factories and with the advantages of Vibrant Goa and product demands from India, we are focusing more on super growth through sales. to export our manufactures and we will expand soon. exports with Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Africa.

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