Adani Godda to set up a cement plant in Godda

Jharkhand enriched with minerals to witness major development in times to come. After the projects of Vedanta and Hindalco, Adani Godda will set up a cement factory as well as its power station.

Striving to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency and offer enormous development opportunities, Adani Godda announced the creation of a cement factory as well as his power plant project. Consent to establish a factory was obtained after a conversation between the chairman of the Adani group, Gautam Adani and MP Dr Nishikant Dubey in Delhi.

Dr Dubey had previously raised a concern about the large amount of fly ash that accumulates during power generation. However, it has been stated by the Adani Group, that the factory model will be based on a sustainable solution. Large amounts of fly ash will be mixed with limestone to make cement that will overcome any challenge. With an upcoming power plant with a capacity of 1600 MW based on supercritical technology and a cement plant in Godda by the Adani godda, the region is likely to become a major industrial hub. The local population will get more employment opportunities which will contribute to the overall economy of the state.

Godda MP Dr Nishikant Dubey announced that approval has been given on his behalf to establish a cement plant as well as a power plant in Godda, and he hopes that in the future the region will see more achievements. and prosperity with the support of such conglomerates.

Being one of the richest mineral states in India, Jharkhand contributes enormously to the overall mineral production in terms of value. It owns over 40 percent of India’s mineral wealth, which makes it lucrative for investment. Given the favorable conditions and the immense field of development, the major industrial players in various sectors favor the State for their operations.

Jharkhand’s coal reserves are estimated at around 83,151 million tonnes, while they represent 20-25% of total steel production in India. In 2018-19, 1,248,000 tons of limestone were produced in Jharkhand for a total value of Rs. 42.91 crore (US $ 6.09 million). The region’s total exports were recorded at US $ 1,168.01 million in 2019-2020. In 2020-21, the state’s exports amounted to US $ 1,351.81 million.

Separated from Adani Group in Godda, Jharkhand is home to various coal mining projects from many other companies. The Chakla coal block owned by Hindalco is expected to strengthen the sector and improve the socio-economic status of rural populations in the state. Previously, Vedanta had also chosen Jharkhand to set up a steel plant with a capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per year for an investment of 3-4 billion dollars. Once operational, it will directly increase the overall turnover and the employment rate.

Recently, in an attempt to encourage greater participation in the coal mining sector and boost levies, the state-owned Coal India Ltd (CIL) lifted the embargo on coal exports in the part of its online auction policy. With this, domestic buyers and traders will be able to export coal purchased through electronic cash auctions and special electronic auction outlets starting June 8.

In addition, conglomerates engage in many CSR activities close to their areas of operation and the efforts of private actors in underdeveloped areas of the country are remarkable. Even during the pandemic, due to the presence of conglomerates, the population of various regions has enjoyed great relief in terms of free vaccination and nutritious food. The Adani group in Godda, Hindalco and others have promoted education, health care and sustainable livelihoods in many remote areas of Jharkhand.

The Adani power station could produce in Jharkhand from March 2022, the state will obtain a capacity of 400 MW

The year 2022 will be a year of good news for the Godda district of Jharkhand. If all goes well, the Adani power plant can be inaugurated by the first quarter of 2022, that is to say by March. Such an indication has been given by Adani Group President Gautam Adani. While 1,660 MW of electricity will be generated from this plant, Jharkhand will get 400 MW of electricity. With this, the state is likely to largely get rid of the electricity problem.

This information was given on his behalf during the meeting of the Member of Parliament for Godda, Dr Nishikant Dubey, with the chairman of the Adani group, Gautam Adani. During this meeting, Gautam Adani gave updated information on the power station under construction in the village of Motia Godda. It has been said that the work of Godda’s power company is going on at war. With this, it should be operational in March of the year 2022.

The electricity problem in the state will be solved

The production of electricity of 1660 MW must be ensured by the company Adani. Jharkhand will receive 400 MW of power from the company after total power generation in the 830-830 handle. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of Jharkhand will be to a large extent freed from the problem of electricity.

Power generation in Godda will give a boost to many industries large and small in the state. With the continuous supply of electricity to the population in all fields, small and large entrepreneurs, including agriculture, will be able to continuously improve their industry.

Overcoming the challenges and with the number of Covid-19 cases declining, company officials said they were working to complete this project on schedule.

Adani Godda helps nation fight pandemic

In Godda, the Adani group recently handed over 160 jumbo oxygen cylinders to the district administration. Previously, it provided 90 other cylinders to the administration, with the aim of ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen in the district.

In addition, the Adani Godda Foundation has also undertaken work to lay oxygen pipelines in various hospitals in the region. Many families in the villages have been paralyzed due to the lack of medical facilities and the loss of their livelihoods.

Adani godda Sardar hospital carried out the oxygen pipeline works for 140 beds. It aimed to provide immediate aid and necessary medical assistance to vulnerable patients and families in the villages. The foundation has proactively stepped in to administer the preparatory work required in other district hospitals in Thakurgangti, Boarijor and Mahagama as well. They have occasionally provided rations and other materials to Covid patients.

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