Al Kifah Ready-Mix & Blocks Launches ConGreen Low CO2 Concrete Products

Saudi Arabia: Al Kifah Ready-Mix & Blocks (KRB) has announced the upcoming launch of its CO-reduced ConGreen2 line of concrete products during the Big 5 Saudi construction summit from March 28-31, 2022. ConGreen concretes replace clinker with low-carbon materials such as pozzolana and use integrated recycled CO from Carbon Cure Technologies based in Canada2 technology that reduces its carbon footprint by up to 30% compared to conventional Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete. In addition to this, KRB claims that ConGreen concretes also offer improved workability and pumpability properties, while being very durable, with high pass and finish. They have very low rapid chloride permeability (RCP), water absorption and water permeability properties and low heat of hydration.

Chief Executive Nigel Harries said: “We are committed to driving energy efficiency and addressing global emissions challenges. Our goal is to help build a better community and environmentally friendly facilities by producing high quality concrete, such as ConGreen, which has a reduced environmental impact and is characterized by its high performance, durability and durability. , with a low carbon footprint compared to standard concrete.

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