Barry Whistler Gallery’s Blend of Past, Present and Future Simply Works in ‘Seriality+’ Exhibit

Barry Whistler Gallery’s current group show, “Seriality+,” draws loyal Dallas art viewers to the arsenal of established names like Tom Orr, Ed Blackburn, and the late Linda Blackburn and Michael Miller. Art Goes Cold, Focused Digital Prints – Orr’s monkey hat — to the rough and folksy — the Blackburns’ “Famous Country Singers Series.”

While the vastness of capacity and scale of these works only cements the respective statuses of their creators, the most promising aspect of the series is its nod to the future.

Jay Shinn, ‘Partie en Rouge’, 2016, Acrylic on birch at Seriality + a group exhibition at the Barry Whistler Gallery.(Melody Stevens)

Loose and playful pieces like those of Liz Trosper the news would fit perfectly into any future forward coastal gallery in a bombed out building. Jessica Sinks’ understated graphite candle artwork also adds a carefree attitude that offsets the familiarity of the better-known academics in the room.

It is in this balance that “Seriality +” really fulfills its mission.


“Seriality+” is on view through February 26 at Barry Whistler Gallery, 315 Cole St., Suite 120, Dallas. By appointment only. 214-939-0242.

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