Cement plant fire kills three in Nigeria

March 22, 2022

An explosion and fire at a cement plant in Sokoto, Nigeria, killed three people on March 18. The incident occurred during routine maintenance work carried out on a storage tank at a factory owned by BUA Cement Plc.

Representative image: Shutterstock

In a statement, BUA Cement called the incident an “isolated fire” which occurred at a diesel tank farm near one of its factories in Sokoto while routine maintenance work was carried out by a sub. – third-party processor. Local news sites reported that the incident involved a tanker truck unloading diesel fuel.

BUA Cement said its emergency management and mitigation services were alerted immediately after the initial explosion and a rapid response was activated, which prevented any escalation of the incident or damage to its plant. main and its equipment. Federal and state firefighters attended the scene and battled a blaze for several hours before it was extinguished.

Three third-party contractor workers are confirmed to have died in the incident. The number of injured has not been confirmed, but local news sites report that “many” people in the area suffered various injuries.

BUA Cement said the exact cause of the incident remains unknown, but its plant had “adequate safety and control mechanisms in place”. Plant operations which had been halted following the incident as a precaution have since resumed.

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