Proprietary concrete mix offers the same performance as traditional mixes, with a cement that is significantly less carbon-intensive

SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clark Pacific, a leading provider of precast systems that are transforming building design and construction, today announced CARBONSHIELD, a proprietary concrete mix with 50% less embodied carbon. Combined with the benefits of offsite construction and efficient design, CARBONSHIELD has a significant impact on the carbon footprint of construction.

While many sustainability efforts to date have focused on reducing operational carbon, the building industry is expected to add 230 billion square meters of new construction globally by 2060. In doing so, embodied carbon will represent half of the overall carbon footprint of new construction, equal to that of operational carbon. Reducing embodied carbon and working towards a sustainable future requires innovation in materials and construction.

CARBONSHIELD creates an opportunity for homeowners and architects to dramatically reduce embodied carbon and meet sustainability goals. By taking advantage of factory-controlled accelerated curing techniques, CARBONSHIELD delivers the same performance as traditional mixes, with significantly less carbon-laden cement. While “green concrete” options are often limited to elements that can tolerate slow strength gain, such as foundations or shear walls, CARBONSHIELD reduces carbon from all structural elements of a building.

“As a leader in sustainable building systems, we never stop exploring new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and the structures we build,” said Geene Alhady, President of Clark Pacific. “CARBONSHIELD represents the next generation of concrete and precast that is smarter, more efficient and sustainable, and is a key aspect of our company’s strategy to achieve zero embodied carbon. We are excited to offer our customers a way to take advantage of prefabrication and achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing strength and quality.”

CARBONSHIELD is one of many sustainability efforts led by Clark Pacific. The company’s two plants are nearly waste-free and designed for zero stormwater discharge, incorporating sustainable practices such as recycling water for reuse in manufacturing, groundwater recharge, recycling solid waste, energy conservation and sustainable business practices. In April, Clark Pacific announced its intention to increase its consumption to almost 100% renewable energy by installing solar panels on all of its facilities, starting with its Woodland facility which will be commissioned this summer. Clark Pacific’s the use of solar energy will offset the impact of 14,976 passenger vehicles, or the energy consumption of 8,293 single-family homes, per year and is equivalent to the planting of 1,138,654 tree seedlings over 10 years.

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