Create Integrated Pet Homes Without Affecting Value

Built-in pet houses that have been carved into a wall inside the house have become a popular addition to many homes in America.

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Whether this trend will increase traction in South Africa remains to be seen.

“The difference is that most South African houses are built with bricks and cement instead of timber frames and drywall.

“This makes it more difficult to create a space in a wall to create an integrated micro-home for our pets,” said Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX Southern Africa.

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Those trying to create wall space for their pets might find that it affects the resale value of their home.

“Buyers without pets probably won’t see any point in digging a hole in the wall,” Goslett said.

That being said, there are other ways to create a dedicated place in the home for the pet without affecting the resale value of the property.

“Consider easy-to-remove renovations if buyers don’t have pets or don’t like the addition,” Goslett said.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares some of the best places within the home that could be the ideal built-in space for the pet:

Under the stairs

It is often the most underutilized space in any home due to its impractical size and shape.

The most practical way to use this space is to create clever built-in storage solutions – and, for those with pets, it’s simple enough to remove a drawer or two to create a cozy nook in which to pet them. can sleep.

Under the bay windows

Those with bay windows, which tend to be found in older homes, can use the semi-hexagonal space (which can otherwise be difficult to place furniture in) to create a built-in pet bed that could easily be turned into storage if they later decide to sell.

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Unused storage space

Sometimes there may be underutilized kitchen cabinets or storage spaces, such as the corner of a kitchen island or the bottom of an overhead cabinet.

These places can often be opened up or remodeled to create a tidy little place to keep a pet bed.

“There are many ways to welcome man’s best friend without affecting the resale value of a home.

“The key is to keep any project fairly easy to pull off to ensure the home has the widest possible appeal when the owner ultimately decides to sell,” Goslett said.

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