Latest News | Waste from the mining and steel sectors can be used in the manufacture of cement and the construction of roads: minister

New Delhi, Jul 01 (PTI) Union Steel Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh said on Friday that waste and by-products generated from the mining and steel sectors can be effectively utilized in the manufacturing of cement, road construction and agriculture.

Singh said there are immense opportunities for utilizing waste generated during mining, steelmaking process and end-of-life products, according to a statement from the steel ministry.

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“During the meeting of the Parliamentary Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Steel, the Minister stated that various wastes, scrap metals and by-products generated during mining and steel manufacturing can be effectively used for the steelmaking and other applications such as cement manufacturing, road construction, agriculture, etc.,” the ministry said.

The meeting on “Roadmap for circular economy in the steel sector” was held in Tirupati.

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Singh, who is the chairman of the committee, urged stakeholders to take definitive action to promote a circular economy and “squander to wealth” in the steel sector.

According to the statement, the committee members also stressed the need to raise awareness and increase the use of steel, especially in rural areas.

“Members have said that the increase in steel consumption will lead to an increase in the availability of scrap steel in the future,” he said.

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