Letter to the Editor: Getting Back to Basics | News

The word base is frequently used these days to indicate activity involving the political ideologies of certain groups of individuals classified as part of an individual electoral community. Using this term will hopefully mobilize more people to participate in local and national elections.

Those who use and promote this movement, in my opinion, use campaign finance as a yardstick for success. I receive several donation requests daily from many outlets on a daily basis and I am frankly concerned that this only perpetuates the money that buys institutions of political influence that are ubiquitous in our current political system.

I am a staunch Conservative and the daily events unfolding with the current Liberal Democratic Party administrations at the local and national levels cement my views. I am not naive in thinking that money does not stimulate influence, but nothing will change if this continues to be the model of elections.

There is a lot of rhetoric around “we the people”, but the voter turnout percentages for legally registered voters are woefully poor. These are the same people who will spend exorbitant money to buy tickets to attend professional sporting events promoted by organizations that openly accept the influence of communist regimes, but will not make the effort to vote.

It cannot be overemphasized that the upcoming midterm elections are absolutely essential for Conservatives if we are to stop America’s current death spiral under the current administration. We regret that our freedoms have been taken away from us, but with freedom comes responsibility. We, the people, not elected officials, must make our collective voice heard at the polls. This means that we, as individuals, have a responsibility to get involved, to explain and to support our neighbors to get them to vote. We are the base, not the money.

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