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The right to vote

John M. Moore (letters, January 20) says that “most of us expect voters to meet reasonable criteria…in order to have their vote counted.” He goes on to say that “none of the parties made their case.”

Well, we all know that to vote in Oregon, all a registered voter has to do is fill out the mail-in ballot, sign their name on the envelope, and drop off their ballot. by mail or in a drop box. That’s it.

No one has to wait in line, miss work, provide proof of citizenship or residency, request an absentee or absentee ballot, or spend a single penny to vote in Oregon. This method has worked in Oregon for decades without the slightest whiff of wrongdoing or fraud.

I would say that, like the rest of us Oregonians, Moore is pretty good at being able to vote with convenience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every citizen of every state had it as well? Besides, why wouldn’t they?

Grover Gardner


Praise for a tree

Great sadness occurred in our neighborhood this weekend when a local coffee company chose to destroy a beautiful and majestic century-old tree on Highway 99 in North Ashland. The tree was over 100 years old, a long-lived species native to China. Some say there are very few of these particular trees left anywhere in the world.

Why was he killed? We suspect someone was worried about their liability if a branch fell. Yet, in our conversation with the arborist, he told us, “I don’t know why they wanted him cut down. The tree showed no signs of disease. We were able to see for ourselves the vitality of the stumps carried away.

Are we angry? Do we mourn this needless loss of life, beauty and refreshing shade in the heat of summer? You bet we are. But above all, we are disappointed that human beings have so little regard for the life that grows right outside their windows.

Now everyone who lives nearby is left with an ugly, barren, all-cement entrance to our mobile home park. The coffee company’s “bean counters” grossly miscalculated the value of money versus beauty. A simple size would have sufficed.

Jessica Bryan, Tom Clunie and Lucienne Eisenhaure


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