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Monday, February 7

8:12 – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 44, on warrant for domestic misconduct and vandalism from February 4. He surrendered, was treated and released.

3:43 p.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 39, for drunk driving after police pulled him over on Main Street after police saw him move from the left lane to the right lane law. Police had received a tip from someone who had seen him at CVS on Main Street and thought he might be drunk. The man told police he hadn’t been drinking but took his ADHD medication earlier and smoked weed on Sunday. The man compiled field sobriety tests, which he failed. At the station, the man said he wanted to take a breathalyzer. Both tests showed no alcohol in his system. He said he would consent to a blood test, so the police brought him to Kent Hospital for the test. The police gave him his citations and a subpoena and he was allowed to leave.

4:45 p.m. – An EG woman told police she was scammed into traveling to New Jersey to pick up a dog.

5:50 p.m. – An East Greenwich woman told police she ran into the cement base of a lamp post in the Sienna car park after being distracted by another car park light that came on and went off extinguished. The lamp base was not damaged, but the woman’s car was. She called to have the car towed.

5:51 p.m. – The manager of a Main Street restaurant asked the police to watch a woman who appeared to be in distress and possibly unfit to drive. Police found the woman to be fine. About 25 minutes later, the police were called back because the woman was now bothering other customers. An employee called a transportation service for the woman.

8:14 p.m. – A New England Tech student told police someone slashed his truck’s tires while he was in class. Police found the passenger side tires were flat but did not see any slant marks. The student said he did not encounter any potholes and had the car inspected recently. The police spoke by telephone with the person who, according to the student, could be responsible for the damage. While this person seemed nervous, he denied damaging the other student’s tires. The camera evidence was not helpful due to heavy rain and because the passenger side was out of view of the surveillance camera.

Tuesday February 8

1:42 p.m. – Police cited an EG man for driving with an expired registration as well as an expired inspection after stopping him on Division Street with a flat tire and expired inspection sticker. The police also discovered that his car insurance had expired. The man was convicted of various traffic offences; the police had the car towed from the scene.

Wednesday February 9

5:08 p.m. – A caller told police a black lab was on the loose, departing from the vicinity of the Kon Asian Bistro and heading towards Thorpe’s Wine & Spirits. The person called back to say that the dog’s owner had found the dog and was bringing him home.

Thursday February 10

5:07 p.m. – Police cited a Central Falls man, 32, for driving with a suspended license after stopping him on the New London Turnpike for having dark tint on his windows. Police had the car towed and warned the driver about tinted windows.

Friday February 11

10:34 am – Police arrested a 15-year-old at East Greenwich High School for possession of marijuana.

10:17 p.m. – A Spring Street resident told police that someone rang their doorbell and ran away. Footprints led in the direction of Academy Field.

Saturday February 12

4h40 – A man from EG told the police that his ex-wife was outside his door and he wanted her to leave. The police took the woman away.

12:12 p.m. – Police have spoken to someone at Exeter Animal Hospital about the care of a dog who was brought to NK Animal Hospital after its owner was recently arrested. Police told NKAH to be ready for the person to pick up the dog, which would be guarded until the arrested man was released.

3:19 p.m. – The owner of B&H Framing reported that the window of the Main Street store had been vandalized. The incident is still under investigation.

5:01 p.m. – Police arrested a West Warwick man, 20, for driving with a suspended license after police noticed the man’s rear number plate was bent. They then carried out routine checks and increased the suspension. The police served him with a summons to the district court and a subpoena. Police had the car towed from the scene and a friend took the man from West Warwick.

5:04 p.m. – Police arrested a West Greenwich man, 42, for driving drunk and refusing a chemical breath test after he was involved in a traffic accident at Division Street and Route 2. Police have spoken to him and found him unsteady on his feet, with bloodshot eyes. He was crying and told the police he was drunk, said he was sorry and asked if the driver of the other car was okay. The man told police he drank “a ton of Jameson”. Police stopped him and found a 375ml bottle of Jameson in the man’s car which was ¾ empty. At the station, he made a phone call, then refused to take a breathalyzer. After receiving his summons to court and his ticket, the man left with a relative.

10:43 p.m. – A caller complained to police about loud music coming from a house on Valley Road. Police found the owners cleaning out their garage; they agreed to lower the music.

Sunday February 13

4:57 p.m. – A caller told police they heard a lot of what sounded like gunshots in the area around Tillinghast Road behind their house. Police found people riding ATVs and they said the sound may have come from backfiring.

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