Saline gets a new well

By remedying a faulty well, the city of Saline is moving forward to put a new one in place.

Saline City Council approved a $172,500 contract with Peerless Midwest Inc. at its Sept. 19 meeting after hearing a report from city water and wastewater superintendent Bill Briggs, who said the urgent need for this project.

The city has worked with Peerless in the past, including on well drilling and repair projects.

Briggs told council the city needed another well, and fast.

In his report, Briggs said, “As well No. 4 is to be abandoned, a new well must be drilled. The location of well #7 can potentially be located offset from well #4. Due to the urgent need for the well, City Manager O’Toole used the city’s emergency supply protocols to push ahead with the drilling of the new well.

The new well will be located a little north of well #4. Briggs said the city tried to fix the No. 4 shaft with some repairs, but it couldn’t be saved.

Peerless has provided the city with a quote which will include “two 5″ PVC test wells”, a screen analysis by a professional hydrogeologist, a 16″ well drilling of 115′ of 16″ steel casing, a 20′ by 16″ stainless steel well screen with a gravel pack, neat cement grout, 6 hour well development and step test, 24 hour aquifer test, full unit 37 chemical analysis , PFAS and radiological and well #4 abandonment using pure cement slurry for casing reline and replacement pump.

Briggs said in his report that the cost includes an estimate for labor, equipment and materials.

By the way, Briggs said this contract does not include building demolition, underground or process piping, site restoration, pump repairs, new well, electrical, HVAC, etc. He stated that these items will be provided on a separate quote in the future.

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