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It is very difficult for a new issuer to find goodwill on the capital markets. Historically, and we all have a story to add to this, not all companies told the truth or in some cases even knew what the truth was, leading to jaded hearts, listless ears and wallets that remain closed. New senders suffer for the sins of old ones.

Corn. All is not lost. Building credibility is a process, not an event, and with persistence, transparency, and precision, a new business can find its way into a portfolio.

One of these transmitters is Silver Bullet Mines Corp. (TSX-V: SBMI, Forum). SBMI has been very clear about its business plan (to obtain short-term revenue by reopening the Buckeye silver mine in Arizona) and its timetable. Originally, this schedule was to be in pilot production in Q4 2021. SBMI missed this deadline, but was immediately clear on why and how it will be fixed. More on that below.

In a very short time, SBMI has shown an above average willingness to regularly share daily news and to share historical information that many other mining issuers would consider confidential. Its @BulletMines Twitter feed is one of the most informative in the industry with new photos or videos from the field almost daily, showing the team doing exactly what they said they would do.

We’ve all heard of public company management teams avoiding shareholders, except during the three weeks leading up to shareholders’ meetings. SBMI is the opposite. In the two months since its listing, SBMI has demonstrated a commitment to transparency, to regularly engaging with the public and to providing granular levels of detail. If you contact the Capital Markets team or the CEO, please make sure you have allowed enough time to get a full answer to your question.

Anyone with a word processor can write a press release that meets the minimum disclosure requirements. It takes a lot of effort to write the kind of press releases that SBMI has issued recently. Press releases are tied together to tell a cohesive story, showing an awareness of the bigger picture and a willingness to share it.

Here is an example. This delay in the pilot production of the Buckeye? SBMI told us in early December that, like most countries around the world, it was suffering from supply chain issues and had milling equipment slowly arriving in a shipping container off Long Beach. Each press release gives us more information about when and where this equipment is. We know from the data flow in the press releases that from the time the equipment arrives at the factory site, the field team will need 25-30 days to complete the installation , and from the January 27 press release, we see that the company expects to be in pilot production in about 60 days. SBMI updated this set of facts as the container moved further into the port and closer to unloading. Because we know this risk, we are comfortable with it. It’s a question of when, not if.

Another example would be the progress made at the Buckeye silver mine site, where we were treated to media from the field crew who cleaned the west gallery, timbering, ventilation, inspection of the basement, road construction, underground blasting and general property improvement. We could see the mining site evolve from a rough hole in the side of a hill to the point where the team is extracting mineralized material from the Buckeye for storage, in anticipation of cleaning this equipment in Long Beach and transporting it to the factory site. . Every day do what they said they would do.

Finally, the factory site was a joy to watch. Last spring it was an empty field. Now it has a crushing rig, crushers are installed, conveyors are moving in, assay shack is in place and ready to operate, laydown yard is ready, security has been upgraded and a new septic tank has been installed. The photos showed us the growth of the factory site. The cement forms are built, the cement is poured, it hardens, the equipment is installed. It was like watching a watch come together. Exactly as they described it.

And that’s how you find your credibility in the markets. Tell us what you’re going to do, then go for it. Assuming they continue with their transparent storytelling and wonderful media, SBMI should reassure its shareholders in the execution of its business plan.

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