The WWE legend’s alliance was better received than Malakai Black’s faction; former NXT Champion wants to face CM Punk; best star formation stable? (April 15, 2022)

In this week’s AEW News roundup, we’ll look at the reaction to Satnam Singh’s Dynamite debut and excerpts from Adam Cole’s latest interview with Busted Open Radio.

We could also see a new faction forming in AEW as well. So without further ado, let’s catch up on the latest news here.

#5. AEW coach responds to fans upset over Satnam Singh’s debut

Satnam Singh’s long-awaited AEW debut finally happened on Dynamite this week. In the main event, after Samoa Joe defeated Minoru Suzuki to win the ROH TV title, the Indian wrestler teamed up with Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt to tackle the new champion.

However, Singh’s appearance seems to have divided wrestling fans. AEW coach QT Marshall opened up about the disappointing reception during an interview on the latest episode of Open exploded:

“I’m glad they brought him out, and you know, obviously I read some of the things that people were saying about him. Look, he’s brand new. You gotta give him a chance. I think only the best The way to put someone out there is to put them out there with guys with a lot of experience Nobody knows what they’re going to do It’s not like they’re aiming for the world title right now.”

It remains to be seen whether the former basketball player will be able to bounce back after this reception. Tony Khan has high hopes for the new star and hopes to use it to enter the Indian market. Judging by first impressions, Satnam has his work cut out if he wants to win over AEW audiences.

#4. TBS champion Jade Cargill could form her faction

Jade Cargill is the current TBS champion and is undefeated in singles. Although she dominated the AEW Women’s Division mostly on her own, it looks like Cargill will get some help soon.

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, the promotion teased the possibility of Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan becoming members of the Cargill faction. The TBS champ has mentioned her “Baddie Section” in recent promos. The two aforementioned wrestlers appeared in the audience as part of the section during this week’s Dynamite episode.

The camera pans out to the two young stars during the match between Skye Blue and Marina Shafir, who will next challenge Cargill for their title. Velvet also took to Twitter to share a photo of herself with Hogan in the Baddie section with the caption:

“Baddie section with the HOTTEST villain #AEWDynamite”

As one of the company’s rising stars, it makes sense that Cargill would get protection like Britt Baker did with Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Velvet and Hogan could come in the next TBS Championship match between Cargill and Shafir. This will cement the faction as the last threat on the female roster.

#3. Adam Cole shares his thoughts on buying ROH from Tony Khan

Adam Cole and Tony Khan in a media scrum.
Adam Cole and Tony Khan in a media scrum.

AEW star Adam Cole has a long history with the Ring of Honor. Long before being the NXT Champion, The Bay Bay made his indie promotion debut.

Now that Tony Khan has purchased ROH, Cole was asked to share his thoughts. In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Adam Cole said:

“I was thrilled too, mainly because, again, Ring of Honor was not only so important and influential to me, but again, so many of the professional wrestlers you see today have come through Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor has been involved with a lot of people, exposing them to places like New Japan Pro Wrestling. People who only watched wrestling in the United States were able to access all of these different pro wrestling.”

Cole also praised ROH’s influence on the wrestling industry and expressed the AEW President’s love for the company.

“It’s kinda serious, with the way ROH went, it changed the modern style of pro wrestling in a lot of ways, but the reason I was so happy, other than the fact that now i know ring of honor is not going away is tony khan loves pro wrestling history and respects pro wrestling history so i know ring of honor and tony khan hands is a good place to be.

Many All Elite stars have histories in ROH, such as Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Samoa Joe. With both promotions under the same umbrella, Tony Khan will have the ability to tap into the extensive video library and footage from these wrestlers’ early careers to enhance storylines. Adam Cole will also benefit.

#2. Jim Cornette prefers new Edge faction to House of Black

What is Edge and Damian Priest's plan?
What is Edge and Damian Priest’s plan?

Jim Cornette recently drew comparisons between AEW star Malakai Black’s House of Black faction and WWE Superstar Edge’s new alliance with Damian Priest, with the wrestling legend preferring the latter.

Both factions had a similar aesthetic, but Cornette praised Edge’s alliance with Damian Priest as it made more sense and was better explained, while Black’s vignettes were overly dramatic. Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience Podcastthe former manager said:

“What do you think of Edge? What do you think of Edge doing Malakai Black’s entrance better than Malakai Black?”(…) t nobody understands. They first tell the story. They put the horse before the plow. Imagine that. They explain who these people are, what their motivations are, how they came together and who they are looking for,” Cornette added.

Regardless of Cornette’s opinion, the House of Black is thriving in All Elite Wrestling now that Brody King and Buddy Matthews are in their ranks. However, Edge’s new band is still in its infancy and it’s possible he’ll add more members, with names including Rhea Ripley and Tommasso Ciampa.

#1. Adam Cole wants a dream match with CM Punk

“I never thought in millions of years that there would even be a possibility of Adam Cole vs. CM Punk and now it’s a very real possibility and I hope it happens one day.” — Adam Cole (via TalkSport)

CM Punk’s return to professional wrestling last year opened up the possibility of several dream matches. He has already put together stellar matches against Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston and MJF. Now, Adam Cole has expressed his desire to step into the ring with CM Punk in AEW.

Interview with Sean Ross Sapp of FighterCole revealed that Punk was a significant influence on him getting into the wrestling world:

“It hasn’t happened yet, but CM Punk is my huge [Dream Opponent]. Because again I made it very clear that for me personally he was one of the most impactful professional wrestlers as far as inspiration… I remember seeing him in Ring of Honor and again watching his promos and going, I really, really want to focus on being good on the mic because I listened to him talk, and then I thought, okay, he retired, it’s just that it will never happen. Now, the fact that it’s a possibility, I mean, I can’t get it out of my head. I know one day it has to happen.”

A potential dream match could happen sooner rather than later. Cole is expected to challenge Hangman Page again for the AEW Championship in a Texas Death Match. Meanwhile, Punk made it clear that he wanted to attempt the title next.

If Cole is victorious, it will spark a box office clash between the former NXT champion and superstar Straight Edge, possibly at Double or Nothing.

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