TRS MLC K Kavitha Asks Center To Stop Selling Adilabad Cement Factory

Hyderabad: A political controversy has erupted over the Centre’s proposal to auction the assets of the Cement Corporation of India (CCI) unit at Adilabad in Telangana. The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party, Congress and left-wing parties strongly criticized the decision.

The TRS MLC and former MP for Nizamabad, K Kavitha, have called on the central government to reverse its decision to auction the Adilabad unit of the ICC. She said it would affect the people of the state as the cement sector generates more jobs. The unit was closed in 2008 as it had suffered heavy casualties. Recently, Center has published an electronic tender online through the Electronic Tendering System (ETS) and the tender has been issued for the Adilabad plant.

The TRS leader asked the BJP government “if they sell the national assets, what is the state (Telangana) share?” She wanted to know if the BJP-led central government would reinvest the funds in Telangana or set up new factories to create jobs in the state.

Kavitha said there was no clarity in terms of rebuilding additional infrastructure. “What is the roadmap? There is no clarity there. The clarity you have by selling the national assets that you don’t show in terms of rebuilding additional infrastructure, because land is something you can’t produce. Our factory in Adilabad has 1,500 acres of land and if you sell the land and machinery entirely as scrap, where are you going to get that kind of asset back to the government,” she asked.

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The Adilabad Congress has warned against a hunger strike and the blocking of traffic on highways by affected employees and families if the Center goes ahead with its auction plan. Meanwhile, a Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprised of TRS, Congress, CPI, CPM, and student organizations launched a protest demanding the Center revive the unit rather than dismantle it.

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