We support the operation of the cement plant – United McCarthy Hills Residents, Weija-Gbawe Chiefs

Empire Cement Plant

The United Southwest McCarthy Hills Residents Association and Weija-Gbawe Chiefs and Elders support the operation and management of the Empire Cement Ghana Factory (ECG) in the Weija-Gbawe enclave.

This is after the McCarthy Hills Residents Association alleged that the cement company was poorly located and that its operations tended to harm the health of residents in the catchment area.

Mr Kwaku Danso, president of the United Southwest McCarthy Hills Residents Association, said the allegations were “false” and were born out of “pure malice”.

He said the company has applied for and received all necessary permits to begin construction of the plant in 2020 after consultations with all resident associations and chiefs and elders in the area.

He said that contrary to claims that the operations of the cement plant would contaminate the atmosphere through the release of dust, it had measures in place to ensure that all extracts and dust were contained within the premises.
“The company has used technological measures and structures to contain the dust particles extracted from the premises here without them going outside to affect the residents,” he added.

Danso said the company invested more than $35 million to build the plant over a two-year period, which employed more than 500 young people in various fields during the construction period.

“The ECF is intended to create more than ten thousand direct and indirect jobs in various sectors of the local economy,” he added.

Nii Mensah Kpashie, Gbawe Kwashon Manste urged the government to quickly commission the plant to start operations.
He called on the government to integrate the company into the one-district-one-factory scheme to provide more jobs for residents.

Meanwhile, the McCarthy Hills Residents Association has taken legal action against the operations of Empire Cement Ghana Factory.

The association claimed that the location of the plant in the enclave would harm the health of residents through the emission of dust particles into the atmosphere.

They also petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about the matter, with the EPA ordering the company to halt operations.

The company reportedly appealed to the Department of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation to intervene on the EPA directive.

The ministry is said to have set up a commission to look into the matter.

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