Why The Man From Toronto Is A Solid Mix ‘Em Up Movie

There is perhaps no better cinematic sub-genre than the classic mash-up. A case of mistaken identity is a surefire recipe for drama and, often, hilarity. A character who has never thrown a punch in their life might find themselves tapping gloves inside a boxing ring, or a sultry individual might suddenly find themselves tasked with tending a room. filled with screaming children. Either way, a good shuffling movie creates unlikely pairings of characters and actors, which can lead to unexpected twists.

The recently released Netflix movie The man from Toronto is undoubtedly a solid addition to hallowed halls of movies to shuffle. Directed by Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3, The Hitman’s Bodyguard movies), the film features a pair of actors so distinct that the very idea of ​​confusing them is downright hilarious: Texas native Woody Harrelson and eccentric Philadelphia comedian Kevin Hart.


Although the two actors, on the surface level, have almost nothing in common, they are both incredibly talented and share a certain chemistry that shone throughout the run of The man from Toronto.

Performances by Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson

Kevin Hart is arguably one of the greatest comedic talents of this generation, and the comedian’s fans have a massive (and rapidly growing) portfolio of his movies to fall back on. Additionally, Woody Harrelson should be considered one of the greatest living actors. He has delivered a flawless performance in nearly every entertainment medium, from serialized sitcoms to prestigious HBO series, and of course, in countless feature films ranging in genre from dystopian blockbusters to low-key dramas.

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In The man from Toronto, the two talented performers complement each other. It’s hard to take a surly Woody Harrelson too seriously when Kevin Hart puts his best badass face behind him. Plus, Kevin Hart’s comedy can never consume the film, as Harrelson’s action chops can quickly overtake him.

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson are total opposites

It’s fair to say that Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, aside from the fact that they’re both actors, are polar opposites. The obvious differences between the two men are the source of most of the drama in The man from Toronto. Despite the two characters being extremely suspicious of each other, they are forced to team up, and of course, hilarity ensues. Woody Harrelson’s Randy racks up an impressive body count throughout the film, and Kevin Hart’s Teddy is there every step of the way moaning, moaning and puking.

However, the two characters quickly bond. Although Teddy starts off as a handy doppelganger for Randy, who lets the lie that Kevin Hart’s character is the man from Toronto drags on far too long when Randy discovers he’s been betrayed by his criminal master, Hart’s Teddy becomes his only ally. .

Both characters have personal growth

At the end of The man from Toronto, Woody Harrelson’s titular assassin, Randy, left behind the garish world of professional assassination, opting instead to open a restaurant. Kevin Hart’s Teddy frequents the restaurant, alongside Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm) Anne.

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Although Randy’s upscale restaurant, as well as its exorbitant prices, leaves something to be desired in terms of taste, a fact which is quietly expressed by Hart’s Teddy and Cuoco’s Anne, the fact that Randy of Harrelson left his life of crime behind it is representative of one of the most essential characteristics of the mix ’em up film genre: the two characters involved in the confusion grow on a personal level.

Through his interaction with Teddy, Randy is able to envision a life that doesn’t involve wanton killing. On the other hand, Teddy gains the confidence to succeed in business through his closeness to the terrifying world of professional assassination.

Although reviews of The man from Toronto were a mixed bag, there was a lot of praise surrounding the performances of Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart. A solid performance from both leads was all it took to cement this film as a classic in this action movie subgenre. During the film, the two actors sometimes put themselves in the other’s shoes. While Harrelson is no stranger to comedy, he was arguably more hilarious than Hart in this particular movie, and Hart, who isn’t often seen in the drama genre, had a handful of heartwarming moments.

At the end of the day, just like the film’s titular assassin, The man from Toronto was absolutely a killer movie. It is now streaming on Netflix.

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