World News | Pakistan systematically targets Sikh minority community

Islamabad [Pakistan], Jan 7 (ANI): Pakistan systematically targets Sikh minorities to hurt their feelings.

According to Al Arabiya Post, irregularities in the audit of the Kartarpur Corridor (KC), the name of the underground passage from Gulab Devi Lahore was changed to Abdul Sattar Edhi and the ban on Sikhs carrying the sword to the interior of government offices in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are examples.

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Nabeela Irfan, Deputy Commissioner, Narowal, in a letter in December last year to Major General Kamal Azfar, DG, Frontier Works Organization (FWO) alleged that the organization had embezzled funds from KC and refused to provide from account documents to public accounts. Committee (PAC) of the Auditor General of Pakistan responsible for the audit of KC.

Nabeel also alleged that irregularities were found in a report submitted by Dr Shoaib Salim ADC, Narowal. The report contains the following irregularities amounting to approximately 165 crore PKR (Pakistani rupee).

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An invoice for 7 lakh bags of cement was filed when the actual usage was around 4.29 lakh bags of cement, Al Arabiya Post reported.

The base of the buildings was kept 11.5 feet deep instead of 18 feet and the bricks purchased from Chaudhary Mukhtar, owner of the brick kiln, Shakargarh were of poor quality while the workmanship was of good quality.

Additionally, Global Nobel Company, which has been entrusted with important KC work, is owned by (retired) Brigadier Yousuf Mirza, who was formed just three days before the KC Project contract award, Al reported. Arabiya Post.

On December 21, the government of Punjab changed the name of the Gulab Devi Underpass located in front of Gulab Devi Chest Hospital to Abdul Sattar Edhi Underpass by the Government of Punjab.

This was announced by Usman Buzdar, CM Punjab during the inauguration of the renovated underground passage. (Gulab Devi was Lala Lajpat Rai’s mother. Lajpat Rai had established the confidence to build and run a tuberculosis hospital in memory of her mother in 1927), Al Arabiya Post reported.

Meanwhile, the Peshawar High Court, in its Dec. 23 order, banned Sikhs from wearing the “Kirpan” when entering government offices, including the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa courts.

The High Court further asked Sikhs to apply for a weapons license to wear the sword in person. Peshawar-based Sikhs had filed a complaint in court (July 2020) for allowing them to wear the sword in public places, citing that it was part of their Sikh religion and that Sikhs in Amritdhari must wear the sword. sword according to Sikh principles (part of 5 Kakars), reported Al Arabiya Post.

In a letter to Peshawar-based Sikh leader Gurpal Singh on December 21, the additional clerk of the Peshawar High Court ordered that the sword be declared a licensed weapon and therefore Sikhs must be licensed for the same. thing. (ANI)

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